Intimate Lightening & Brightening

GREAT FOR BRIDES who want to brighten the skin area before that big day!

Pigmentation in the intimate areas is determined by genetics, but can be influenced by a number of factors, including hormones, pregnancy, age, and shaving and can affect All skin tones.   Many women and men look to intimate skin brightening for an enhanced appearance, improved skin texture, and increased confidence.

The Amazing Bikini-Brite-Peel is an Intimate skin brightening system performed in-spa designed to safely lighten and brighten the most delicate areas.

It can also be used under arms, inner thighs, knees and elbows.  

This can safely be used on all skin tones.

The initial 2 Step treatment is 1. professional treatment 2. home treatment, both are necessary for beautiful results.

It  typically takes a series of 3 - 5 professional recommended treatments (14 days apart) along with using your at home care kit.  

The home kit is great not only for post care but even a daily treatment against folliculitis, clogged pores, comedones or pigmentation.

Remember most hyperpigmentation did not happen over night & will require several sessions & your due diligence to see results.

*The process includes a several-step in-spa service performed by your NC licensed Esthetician-Skin Care Professional, plus at-home self-application  kit.

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