Intimate Lightening & Brightening

GREAT FOR BRIDES who want to brighten the skin area before that big day!

Pigmentation in the intimate areas is determined by genetics, but can be influenced by a number of factors, including hormones, pregnancy, age, and shaving and can affect All skin tones.   Many women and men look to intimate skin brightening for an enhanced appearance, improved skin texture, and increased confidence.

The Amazing Bikini-Brite-Peel is an Intimate skin brightening system performed in-spa designed to safely lighten and brighten the most delicate areas.

It can also be used under arms, inner thighs, knees and elbows.  

This can safely be used on all skin tones.

The initial 2 Step treatment is 1. professional treatment 2. home treatment, both are necessary for beautiful results.

It  typically takes a series of 3 - 5 professional recommended treatments (14 days apart) along with using your at home care kit.  

The home kit is great not only for post care but even a daily treatment against folliculitis, clogged pores, comedones or pigmentation.

Remember most hyperpigmentation did not happen over night & will require several sessions & your due diligence to see results.

*The process includes a several-step in-spa service performed by your NC licensed Esthetician-Skin Care Professional, plus at-home self-application  kit.

Cherry Berry Bright Intimate Brightening [1 session]

pricing 30 mins: Mound, outer labia & bikini Line [recommended 3-5 sessions scheduled every 14 days] Ladybits Brightening treatment not including butty strip - Waxing should be done 5 days prior to treatment. Professional products used: *Price does Not Include the At-Home Brightening Maintenance Kit. At Home Kit necessary for optimal results [8-12 months worth of product].

Cherry Pit [3 sessions]

pricing 25 mins: [6 sessions recommended scheduled every 14 days] Underarm Brightening treatment - Waxing should be done 5 days prior to treatment. Professional Products used: *Price does Not Include the At-Home Brightening Maintenance Kit. Home kit necessary for optimal results [8-12 months worth of product]

Cherry Bomb Vajacial Ingrown Hair Treatment

pricing 30 mins: Vajacial Ingrown Hair Treatment: This is for your Ladybits Ingrowns - can be done right after your brazilian This Vajacial is a 10 step luxury treatment helping you to achieve your most beautiful silky, smooth skin with regular treatments! includes double cleanse, enzyme, steam, toxin removal mask, mositurizing mask, microdermabrasion scrub suction, high frequency, extractions, serum All Professional Products used

At Home Brightening Maintenance Kit

pricing Self Application at Home Brightening Pre & Post Care Kit [approximately 8-12 months worth of product] The Home care kit is essential to obtain optimal results.. Using this system continues the brightening effects and inhibits melanin production.

Cherry Berry Express Vajacial add on to BRAZILIAN

pricing 20 mins: Express Vajacial - enzyme, extractions, high frequency (antimicrobial, antibacterial, blood circulation, skin tightening), serum. Ask about PFB the awesome ingrown, bumps & dark spot lightening at home care.

Cherry Berry Bright & Apple Bottom Combo [1 session]  Intimate Brightening

pricing 40 mins: [3-5 sessions recommended scheduled every 14 days] Combo for your Ladybits & Butt Strip brightening treatment Waxing should be done 5 days prior to treatment. Professional products used. *Price does Not include the At Home Brightening Maintenance Kit. Home Kit necessary for optimal results


Are there harsh chemicals or bleach involved?

NO, Our products are natural & specifically designed for intimate areas. They are Hydroquinone & Paraben Free.

How many treatments are needed?

Each Individual is unique, results vary from case to case & this will depend on your lifestyle & your dedication to home-care application. We typically recommend 3 - 5 consecutive professional treatments every 14 days for best results. Recommendations will be discussed according to your needs.

Should I receive waxing before or after?

Waxing should be provided 5 - 10 days prior to treatment. No post waxing or shaving immediately after due to the possibility of more [PIH] Post Inflamatory Hyperpigmentation. Wait 10 days post treatment. Apply anti friction powder for sensitive skin to minimize irritaiton

What must I avoid after the treatment?

Day of treatment abstain from any indoor or outdoor activities that causes friction to the treated area. [sorry girls that includes intimacy]. Avoid tight clothing, hot saunas, long duration hot water submersions, no waxing or shaving, these can adversly affect the optimum results.

Why must I follow the Home-Care-Application?

The home care treatment is essential to obtaining optimal results. Using the treatment continues with the brightening effects and inhibits melanin production. Digests the dead skin cells & prevents itching, calms traumatized skin & assists with the healing process. The kit has approximately 8 to 12 months worth of product.

Exactly what area is treated for my ladybits?

We treat the mound area & the surrounding skin, we do not go inside the labia area, This is all topical treated.

Who cannot receive this treatment?

~ Under the age of 18. ~ Any waxing / Shaving less then 5 days prior to treatment. ~ Menstrual Cycle [treatment can be done 5 days prior or after cycle. ~ Pregnant or lactating women should seek physician approval. ~ Cannot be treated with open sores or wounds. ~ If you have a history of herpes simplex viral infections in the area to be treated, you will need to take a prescription anti viral medication prescribed by your doctor to prevent a breakout. Medication should be started 3 days prior & continue 5 days post care.

How fast will I see results?

During the first week of the professional treatment you will notice peeling/flaking of the skin. Once the dead skin cells begin to shed off & using your at-home kit you will notice about 35% - 50% brighter skin, YAASS!! with 3-5 consecutive professional in-spa treatments, 2 weeks apart, plus your at home care regimine, results vary.

What is Hyper-Friction? Why do I have discoloration?

Hyper-Friction is known as excessive rubbing in one particular area causing discoloration and inflamation to the skin. Over time this ongoing process deteriorates the epidermis causing the skin to become hard and dark. The underarm area, inadditon to the normal salt and bacteria in underarm sweat, excessive deodorant application may cause discoloration for some clients.

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